Warren Smith

You’d think that being homeless would be a bad thing, right? Not in the case of this here Warren Smith. He hasn’t had a place to call home for over two years. Instead, he’s been roaming the world from one destination to the next, surfing perfect waves, partying with beautiful girls and not paying any rent. Doesn’t sound too bad, eh?

According to Warren, the ingredients for a successful free surfing career are 69 hoobaskanks, one giant godsmack, 420 limp triscuits and a big bag of korn’. Whether it’s all that, his extraordinary ability to launch, his artistic knack or his stylish demeanour, the surf paparazzi stalk his every movement.

Warren’s rad aerial skills aren’t the only reason why he’s on the team – the kid can dance. He is pretty much the 21st century’s answer to Baryshnikov. And around here, that counts.

Warren Smith
Warren SmithWarren SmithWarren SmithWarren Smith

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