Jared Mell is Manic Phantasmic

In a digital age of decreasing attention spans, Insight challenges you to follow surfer Jared Mell on his escape from an average day of surfing and into his own euphoria of phantasmal surroundings. After receiving esoteric directions to consume a piece of Insight, his quest begins.    

DEATH OF SAD: Photography by Jackson Hawkins

Jackson Hawkins isn’t your typical 16 year old spending his time¬†sneaking booze out of his parents liquor cabinet, chasing hormone crazed girls (they chase him), or playing¬†endless hours on xbox live calling other kids “gay” . Instead Jackson spends his time jet setting back and fourth from his native land of Australia and his current  

Jared Mell is Rad as Hell: at the Duct Tape Invitational, US Open

Jared dances around the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational leaving a trail of polaroids in the sand. These are all we could find after the dust storm of hundreds of thousands of humans cleared the beach.  


Sharing our admiration for the obscure giants that orbit the Insight sphere.  

Nti Sheeto

Indonesia through the looking glass.